Code of Conduct

Message From the CEO

Dear colleagues,

Offshore wind power is set to become a major part of the energy mix and Aker Offshore Wind intends to play a key role in that energy future, driving the development of deep-water wind. To take on that driving role, how we deliver is just as critical as what we deliver. Operating with a high degree of business integrity is integral to meeting that challenge and establishing a corporate culture that promotes transparency and respect in all our activities, wherever we operate.

Each one of us is required to be familiar with and abide by the rules and behaviors set out in the Code of Conduct. As a company we depend on employees to embrace those values in all their dealings. Likewise, I strongly encourage our business partners to familiarize themselves with Aker Offshore Wind’s Code of Conduct. We will not compromise the values, commitments and expectations established by the Code of Conduct. Any breach of the Code of Conduct must be reported.

If you have questions, or in the event you are concerned about a potential breach of the Code, please contact your manager, Aker Offshore Wind legal and compliance personnel or report it via our whistleblowing email

Astrid S. Onsum
Chief Executive Officer
Aker Offshore Wind


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