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Deep water wind can be deployed in areas technically and commercially unsuited for simple, bottom-fixed offshore wind installations, giving increased flexibility with regards to the location of windfarms, optimizing wind energy capture while reducing adverse effects on other stakeholders.

Today, 80% of offshore wind resources are in water deeper than 60 metres, making cost effective deep water fixed bottom and floating projects all the more integral.

The IEA1 has forecasted offshore wind to be a trillion-dollar industry over the next two decades.

Join us for this natural revolution. The future depends on it.

  • Deep water wind has virtually unlimited potential
  • Offshore deep water wind conditions are up to 30% better than their onshore counterparts and ultra large structures allow for great economy of scale
  • It has less impact on fisheries, shipping and marine life and avoids visual/noise pollution for humans

1) Offshore Wind Outlook 2019

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